flower maidens

Rob's History page 1- Flower Maidens (1988-89)

extremely large haircut



A time of great adolescent anguish and extremely large haircuts.


First 4 - track EP "Funeral" completed Autumn 1989, never released, due to overwhelming lack of public excitement.

equipment used

ZX Spectrum used for drum samples and sequencing, nasty black Strat copy, Casio HT-700 synth as recently immortalised in Future Music retro review,various guitar pedal FX and a quite sublimely horrid Tandy Reverb box. The infernal noise made by these disturbingly lo-fi pieces of gear were recorded on two 1970's tape decks,dubbing from one to the other for each track. 


Classic Flower Maidens Tracks :

 Funeral - play -

Song for Clare - play -

Flower Maidens - how could I ? What possesed me ? etc.. well, I was a youthful and scrawny specimen and had an intense loathing of macho male stereotypes. When you're young you go too far...