flower maidens

Rob's History page 1- Flower Maidens (1988-89)

extremely large haircut



A time of great adolescent anguish and extremely large haircuts.


First 4 - track EP "Funeral" completed Autumn 1989, never released, due to overwhelming lack of public interest.


Equipment Used

ZX Spectrum used for drum samples and sequencing
Guitar: black chipboard 'Nadine' Strat copy - very obscure brand
Casio HT-700 synth (immortalised in Future Music retro review)
Boss chorus pedal, Aria overdrive pedal, Pearl flanger pedal
A quite sublimely horrid Tandy Reverb box
Trio tape deck and JVC tape deck (both 1970s)
Wierd home made looking wooden 4 channel mixer


Classic Flower Maidens Tracks:

 Funeral - play -

Song for Clare - play -

Flower Maidens - how could I ? What possesed me ? etc.. well, I was a youthful and scrawny specimen and had an intense loathing of macho male stereotypes. When you're young you go too far...

The infernal noise made by these disturbingly lo-fi pieces of gear was recorded onto the JVC tape deck. This backing track was then played from this deck through the Tandy reverb box, which had a mic input, so I could sing, onto the Trio tape deck, for the recorded master. 

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