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Rob's History page 3 - Limbo Period (1995-97)

Too ashamed to continue using VOS and not yet having thought of Hard Disco, I wasn't really called anything.


These were years of upgrading and re-equipping as the budget end (we really are talking budget end here) of the technological music market began to go absolutely berserk. I started with an Amiga so I could have MIDI controlled sampling at my disposal and moved onto a PC to finally begin to get somewhere near professional quality. The problem with using a PC for anything serious is you practically have to become an engineer to keep the stupid thing working. And the side-effect of becoming more stable mentally is the absence of anything to write lyrics about. Thus lots of instrumentals and experimental bits and pieces came into existence.

Classic Limbo Period Track: The Falsehood - play - play

the bilgemeister


A CD has recently been prepared containing all Limbo Period material. Much of this stuff is fragmented and of limited quality - my equipment was changing
rapidly during this time.

WARNING ! This disk contains varying quantities of bilge and non-bilge

bilge and non-bilge available here in mp3 format:-

indbilge1 - play

i'm sick - play

indbilge2 - play

synthbilge1 - play

technobilge2 - play

nonbilge1 - play

paul VI - play

technobilge1 - play

trackerbilge - play

synthbilge2 - play