vocal album. all new songs written in 2010 and 2011, the material came at high speed.

mainly guitars & bass, a few keys and synths, real and electronic drum sounds. no third party loops or samples

track listing. click to play

all the worst experiences of my life / resurface at night when i close my eyes
all the things that no longer hurt in the day / plague me when i dream

i'm aware of the power of dreams /  but not as a force to shape my future
they're the nightly proof that i don't belong / that i shouldn't have been born here

in my dream i'm fleeing for my life / chased for hours round the urban jungle
pursued, beaten, stabbed and shot / i'm violent in self defence

in my dream i'm sweating at my desk / the boss is due and he hates me
i try to achieve something but can't / i'm consumed by anxiety
 i live in such a pleasant neighbourhood / we don't really get crime round here
and there is no poverty in this area / the best of all possible worlds for me

i'm a model of western satisfaction / the rest of the world doesn't exist for me
i don't see the point of your hostile reaction
to eveything that makes life enjoyable for me
i go to the beauticians regularly / and my wardrobe is full of great clothes
we have two new cars and a massive TV
and my home's as attractive as the magazines

why should i care about human existence? / why should i know that suffering exists? in the west we can force the world / to work in poverty for our pleasure
ok, our town has some pretty rough areas
but what happens there can't affect us here
it's true that some of them have a bad life / but that can't dent our prosperity
so much unprofessed love / so much insecurity
so much frustrated affection / so much inward detestation

with love i wished to demonstrate / how my affection could elevate me
with love i wished to intoxicate / not inundate, not remonstrate, not alienate.

so desperate to love, but not accepted / if they had, i'd have made them regret it
i wanted to support and cherish / but instead i could only tear down

i thought i had so much to give / i thought i'd love with my whole soul
i thought i could be so selfless / and not cut them all down to size
there are things i want that i shouldn't have / but if i lie i can get them
there are things i've done that i shouldn't have / but if i lie i can escape them

it's an inconvenient truth / that the truth's so inconvenient
and lies are rooted in hypocrisy
i lie to defend myself, to protect myself / to conceal myself, to enrich myself
lies are what the world is founded upon / the honest are disadvantaged
the governments lie because they know deep down
they can't deliver what they promise / but they want to keep hold of their power because it feels better than the vacuum

maybe white lies are the dirtiest of all / you lie to yourself and your victim
everyone claims to need lies for protection / but everyone hates to be lied to
the guys all sleep with any girl they can get / so where is the culture?
the girls all show everything that they've got / so where is the culture?

why do we call it celebrity culture / when that is the last thing it is?
why call it culture where it barely exists / just cheap self interest and sleaze, i insist

their relationships are shorter than anything except their careers
so where is the culture?
they want their picture taken, then they punch the paparazzi / so where is the culture?
they invite intrusion into their lives but then they don't like it / so where is the culture?
if the public's love for you is more important than your wife's / where is the culture?
everyone in power wants to keep it / anyone who's lost it wants it back
our tiny egos want some healing / ruling over others works

humans always abuse their power / we can't seem to control it
humans always abuse their power / we're just not suited to it
everyone in power hides every mistake / just to retain power
in opposition they uncover every mistake / just to regain power

power as a motive governs every party / their power or the lack of it
always governs their reaction / to every situation
truth, compassion, justice and the party line / are always secondary
to the exercise and enjoyment / and retention of power 
have you ever felt at work / that you had to get out now
have you ever hit the limit / of what a human can endure

life moves at a thousand miles an hour / relaxation extinction
but if you put your family before your career / they don't like that around here

then why accept this life as is / stress and anxiety every day
why go off daily so meekly / to be viewed as a commodity
1,000 miles of refrigeration / 1,000 miles of air travel
just to bring food to your table / and your garden is covered in gravel
there is no reason to do anything except money
there is no measure of success except money

i don't have the money motive / money as a reason for anything stinks
i don't have the money motive / what money touches it always defiles
all your abilities are useless / unless they make money
all your talents won't benefit you / if they don't bring you money
it's true that art is quite useless / if it earns no money
all your creative satisfaction / can't compare with money
there's no worse motive to do anything / than money
if you won't do it without wages / it's not worth your time