vocal album. all new songs written in 2010 and 2011, the material came at high speed, I can't explain it!

mainly guitars & bass, a few keys and synths, real and electronic drum sounds. no third party loops or samples

track listing. click to play


oblivion - the only thing that comforts me / so i can bear your company / i feel it creeping up on me / i leave my doubts behind me
the only thing i truly crave / makes me feel so very brave / society stops hurting me / everything escapes my memory
i feel no shame in anything / now i can deal with everything / i'm free to act so foolishly / with no-one near me noticing

i want you to feel that you can tell me / what's troubling you / as long as you don't say 'i'm depressed' / and don't tell me that you're ill
don't tell me anything if it's painful / i'll have to make it sound mundane / there's nothing that you can feel / that i can't minimise the impact of
i like to feel that you can talk to me / about anything you need / i hope you feel you can confide in me / but not about your abnormality
you were always so happy and normal / well adjusted, popular / and if your words don't fit this picture of you / i'll just tell you how they do
no you can't think like that / you have to get on with your life / everybody has those feelings / and they put them to one side
no i never think like that / i try to get on with my life / yes it hurts to hear your feelings / so i'll put them to one side 

conceit has made me dangerous / the violence in me waits for contradiction / say anything that hurts and i won't take it from you / i'll fight you to avoid facing myself
don't care if i'm locked up in a one man universe / in this one i am number one / so much better than the real one
don't care if i'm locked up in a one man universe / it's comfortable in here / i'm not coming out to face myself
i won't accept any refusal / crush and destroy all opposition / become homicidal at criticism / dismember you if you talk down to me

her - build me up until my ego's planet sized / him - ignore me half the time then harshly criticise
her - tell me i'm talented, so handsome and so wise / him - embarassed of me, publicly dissatisfied
blatant superior latent inferior / what more fatal combination could there be / blatant superior latent inferior / i behaved so very desperately
her - encourage me to be violently assertive / him - erode my confidence from deep within
her - convince me everything i said was always right / him - make me fear the very thought i could be wrong

i'm going to make my mark within this industry / i won't be happy till they're all headhunting me / I'll trample who i have to oh so carelessly
cause i want everything the world still owes to me / i'll make all those around me subject to me / i'll make them all obey, if unwillingly
i'm on an upward path and no-one's stopping me / cause i want everything the world still owes to me
the world owes everything to me / everything - give everything to me / just give it all to me / everything - just give it to me
don't care about my time, just my salary / i'll work till midnight if i get enough money
there's nothing else that really means that much to me / but i want everything the world still owes to me 


my life is empty and the future's really scaring me / i'm not important, i know that too well
i can't ignore this, or the emptiness just gnaws at me / my self-importance, going to have to make it felt
give me position, i'll show you how i make it count / give me authority, i'll bludgeon you without a doubt
make me a boss, I'll grind my staff into the ground / hide my mistakes, but make sure theirs get talked about
and now my workplace has become my raison d'etre / my life devoted to the profits of this firm
i'll be assertive on the purity of trade / there's no corruption - let propaganda be my life
productivity - motivate staff - increase morale - lower overheads / i'm in charge here

the soaps are the foundation of your family life / and you've made your home look so beautiful / retail therapy keeps you sane / and makeup stops you feeling worthless
but it may have escaped your notice / you spend most of your time doing things you hate / and with your family you just get on, but no more
and then you get old and you die / and no-one remembers you
life's so beautiful and it's getting better / wherever we look we find amusement / we never have the time to be bored now / it's such a great time to be alive


i'll be taken in forever / and make myself your slave / if i never get to realise / the emptiness of cool
i don't know what it is about you / it's not that you have more brains / i don't think that you're funnier than me / it's just your magnificent disdain
it's so strange to me how your coldness  makes me want to be like you / makes me want to obey you / be pushed and pulled around by you